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Vincent & World News Service Auction '09 House Meeting Minutes

House Meeting Notes
Transcription by Secretary Blair

Sunday, May 24, 2009

House Minutes 5/24

* Felipe scared the collective crap out of us by yelling at us to come to house meeting.
* Laura (on behalf of Avi and Laura): there is no free lunch for your friends at the Dunes, so if you brought one please pay up.
* Dining Hall will be closed tomorrow (Monday) night for Memorial Day and will be closing Wednesday of finals week so that they can build the New Dorm Food-Stravaganza pavilion. We might buy some granola bars and other such nibbles upon which to nosh for breakfast for Thurs. and Fri.
* Shop 'til you drop, as they say, at the outlet malls of suburbia tomorrow (Memorial Day). Pending additional vehicle space, you too could purchase discount duds.
* Anees Benferhat Memorial Endaquarter Dinner will take place as organized by ShamWow and Lexie.
* First Bit o' Nooze from PrezLex: More thinking needs to transpire re: DVD player. Vote to come next week at house meeting.
* Annoying Girl is (apparently) no longer a regular fixture at IHC meetings. Dean Art will be there 10th week for complaints or whatever, which you can pass on to Felipe, which he will voice or maybe not.
* Second Bit o' Nooze: No-min-ay-see-owns (as Lexie says) for House Council positions + IM Rep.

IM Rep--Khyle, Dorian, Tara
President--Lexie, Eli, Elaine, David
Vice President--Felipe, Sunshine
Secretary--Blair, Eli, Abe, Seamus (pending constitutionality)
House Dog--Miel (unopposed)

* UBallet, featuring our own Jessen O'Brien, will be dancing selections from Giselle and Alice in Wonderland Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
* Felipe's organization SPLASH, in which undergrads teach public school kids whatever they like, is looking for volunteers. He'll YoVincent us. Anees says that it's great and that you can even teach one on Smash. Thumbs up x2!

QotW: "Dammit, man, I'm a doctor, not a physicist!" Dr. McCoy
Vinnie: Eli for organizing the roast, Khyle and Ben for organizing an epicly unheard of 31-person trip to Chipotle and Star Trek
Weenie: Abe for mismatched socks, Random Lab School Lady for poooooooping herself

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