Vincent & World News Service Auction '09 House Meeting Minutes

House Meeting Notes
Transcription by Secretary Blair

Sunday, May 31, 2009

House Minutes 5/31

  • Last house meeting of the year! Cue sad-sounding awwww. Emotions to be postponed for the end of the meeting.
  • Laura sez: check your email for how to leave BJ after finals. Basically, they don't care where you sleep, but you can't sleep here. Leave by 3pm Saturday or incur $25/hr fees. Scrape your crap off the walls, throw away your trash, and repaint your walls if need be.
  • Study Break on Tuesday and Movie Nite Thursday, as per uze. House BBQ Sunday at "probably like four in the afternoon, maybe, or five?" according to Laura. Gardening and good times to be had by all.
  • Study Breaks galore during finals week, either Chez Schwabley or from Josh. Delish.
  • 24 Quiet Hours start Thursday, so shut up and get studying.
  • Anees (in his last Vincent RH meeting evar): I have finally given up on Clark St. Better luck next year?
  • Anees is also having dinner with Nick The New RH and you can pass along any salient information you may have for him.
  • Vote for DVD player with pushable buttons: A resounding yes! 69 or so dollars will be withdrawn from house savings to buy it.
  • Dr. Osadjin will be swinging by for lunch at 12ish. Stop by and talk nutrition, exercise, or even non-bio topics.
  • Felipe sez: report is forthcoming from the SCC survey.
  • Vinnie awards will be Tuesday during study break. Eli and Tyler are cooking up some crazy scheme.
  • THE ELECTION. Statements were made and we proceeded to the voting with bated breath...
    • President: Lexie "Short A" Tabachnick
    • Veep: Felipe Cocco "Puffs"
    • Treasurer: Mickey "Moneybags" Stevens
    • Secretary: Blair "Terrorist but not a man" Thornburgh
    • IM Rep: Tara "Black Belt" Holder

WotW: "yoʊ" It had to be ewe...
Vinnie: Khyle and Jessen for their stupendous performances, Elaine for Relaying for Life (and lots o' fun)
Weenie: Abe for pitying a faux teen pregnancy

Sunday, May 24, 2009

House Minutes 5/24

* Felipe scared the collective crap out of us by yelling at us to come to house meeting.
* Laura (on behalf of Avi and Laura): there is no free lunch for your friends at the Dunes, so if you brought one please pay up.
* Dining Hall will be closed tomorrow (Monday) night for Memorial Day and will be closing Wednesday of finals week so that they can build the New Dorm Food-Stravaganza pavilion. We might buy some granola bars and other such nibbles upon which to nosh for breakfast for Thurs. and Fri.
* Shop 'til you drop, as they say, at the outlet malls of suburbia tomorrow (Memorial Day). Pending additional vehicle space, you too could purchase discount duds.
* Anees Benferhat Memorial Endaquarter Dinner will take place as organized by ShamWow and Lexie.
* First Bit o' Nooze from PrezLex: More thinking needs to transpire re: DVD player. Vote to come next week at house meeting.
* Annoying Girl is (apparently) no longer a regular fixture at IHC meetings. Dean Art will be there 10th week for complaints or whatever, which you can pass on to Felipe, which he will voice or maybe not.
* Second Bit o' Nooze: No-min-ay-see-owns (as Lexie says) for House Council positions + IM Rep.

IM Rep--Khyle, Dorian, Tara
President--Lexie, Eli, Elaine, David
Vice President--Felipe, Sunshine
Secretary--Blair, Eli, Abe, Seamus (pending constitutionality)
House Dog--Miel (unopposed)

* UBallet, featuring our own Jessen O'Brien, will be dancing selections from Giselle and Alice in Wonderland Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
* Felipe's organization SPLASH, in which undergrads teach public school kids whatever they like, is looking for volunteers. He'll YoVincent us. Anees says that it's great and that you can even teach one on Smash. Thumbs up x2!

QotW: "Dammit, man, I'm a doctor, not a physicist!" Dr. McCoy
Vinnie: Eli for organizing the roast, Khyle and Ben for organizing an epicly unheard of 31-person trip to Chipotle and Star Trek
Weenie: Abe for mismatched socks, Random Lab School Lady for poooooooping herself

Sunday, May 17, 2009

House Minutes 5/17

  • Felipe successfully herded us in for another meeting.
  • Lawruh: DUNES TRIP this weekend! Super fun. If you want anything special, let her know.
  • Communal kitchens next year, what what. Because of cleanliness concerns, there will be a keycard-type entry system to keep it all cleanly and high-tech that costs 10 bucks. More info is to come from the Offish Kitch Committee.
  • Thursday Movie Nite is might be Milk. But then again it might not.
  • Monday off could be a super cool trip! We'll see.
  • Anees is still trying to get to Clark St. somehow.
  • A new DVD player was proposed by Prez. Lex. Our Research team is looking into potential compatible models.
  • Again, keep the lounge neat! It's not hard, it doesn't hurt, and it's free. You have no excuses. And we don't want to have to institute a membership fee.
  • Kathy-as-Sunshine reminded us to buy food and donate a percentage to Sunshine's Dominican Republic trip. Check your email!
  • RO@$T of Anees "Aniiky" Benferhat will be Sunday night. Eli will post a signup and email YoVincent with tha deets. Good natured ribbing to be had by all.
  • Upcoming birthdays: Ben and Khyle...sometime this week.
  • Avi/Laura say: Return our shit! (verbatim) If you borrowed a DVD/plate/fork/whatever, give it back.

QotW: "I just want to hug the gang violence away" Jen
Vinnies: MaryBeth, Khyle, and Monika for their excellent tapping
Weenie: Elaine and Laura for various awkward/uncomfortable statements

Sunday, May 10, 2009

House Minutes 5/10

  • Yet another intimate minimeeting post-Scav. Lexie is dead tired, so for her sake let's be expedient.
  • Avi: LAST CHANCE for Harry Potter @ MSI. Fifteen bucks gets you a helluva magical time Friday night. Email Laura or tell Avi ASAP.
  • Dunes Trip is the 23rd and boasts a plethora of bitching activities from dawn to dusk!
  • If you don't wanna stay in Vincent (sniff, sniff) the general housing lottery is imminent--talk to an RH for info.
  • Josh's trip to Carmen is Wednesday and it probably will be cool.
  • Movie Nite: Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-A-Thon with musical commentary and our own Khyle, Dorian, and Eli doing their scavtastic version of the Bad Horse song.
  • Summer Breeze is this Saturday! Who knew? Get tix!
  • Tap show is this Sunday with our three Vincentian tappers. A bunch of us will prolly go as a house.
  • The lounge today was really gross (this is why we can't have nice things, people!) Clean up your shit, legit, and be respectful of people's expensive and easily crunchable video game property.
  • BJC is having council elections for next year. There will be a meeting two weeks from Monday at 8 if you're interested.
  • Soul-stompin' dino t-shirts are $10 and still available from BJC, FYI.
  • Assassins is postponed 'til Tuesday due to a delay in water artillery.
  • Checking account stands at $324.56 and savings account at $199.57.

Quote of the Week: "Damn ninjas."
Vinnie: R.P.P.R.P.R.R. and the Scav Team, Ronnie for sharing her umbrella
Weenie: The Fire for tying (again), Sasquatch for frightening campus, Miel for her protests during love scenes

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

House Meeting Minutes 5/5

  • Tonight's meeting is an "intimate mini-meeting," to quote Lexie.
  • Laura: sign up for the Dunes trip! Spots are limited, so sign up early and often.
  • Movie Nite is Fight Club, sans RHs due to baseball tickets. It will still kick ass, however.
  • SCAV is WEDNESDAY AT MIDNIGHT. Show up in the Judson Lounge at 11pm Wednesday. Everyone should participate or you'll regret it for the rest of your life.
  • If you are burning to see some soccer (har har har GET IT), the Fire trip is Saturday at 6:30.
  • Avi's going to bleed for charity tomorrow at 12:30. You, too, should be so generous with your precious erythrocytes.
  • Abraham and Anees concur: you should have backups upon backups for the room lottery.
  • Lexie is hosting a lovely picnic next Thursday at 3:30ish at the Point. Promises to be splendid and lovely.
  • Anees hopes you all read his email to the listhost.
  • In the interest of keeping house meetings short(er) and sweet(er), we encourage you to think carefully about what you present and whether it wouldn't be better suited to emailing the listhost.
  • Scav Success = Passion x Money. In light of this, we pledged 100 dollars of savings account money to the BJ Scav team.
  • We voted to subsidize parking passes for the Fire game to the tune of 25 dollars from the house checking account.
  • Assassins starts seventh week, so watch your collective back.

Phrase of the Week (plus two bonus days): "I flush"
Vinnies: Drew and Jordan for cleaning out the stank-ass fridge, Vincent the Fireman, Talent Show Types
Weenies: Tyler for attempted Dr. Pepper theft, Eleanor Roosevelt for room theft

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