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Sunday, December 14, 2008

House Meeting Notes - November 30, 2008

Live blogging of the election @

Election Results (with 57% turnout and 100% of the precincts reporting):
President - Jonah
Vice President - Charley
Secretary - Blair (bah!)
Treasurer - Mickey
BJC - Kimiko and Amy
Prospie Rep - Dorian
IM Rep - Khyle

Monday - Flaming Lips Christmas on Mars
Tuesday - Sunshine’s Study Break!
Thursday - 8 PM Double Feature - Hebrew Hammer and A Christmas Story
Saturday - Chili Dinner in RH Apartment - Drop by on Friday/Saturday if you’d like to help out.
  • Study Breaks Every Night next Week!
  • Sunday - Midnight Study Break in Dining Hall
  • 24 Quiet Hours begin Wednesday. Be Quiet! No screaming, talking in hallways, etc.
  • The whiteboard is being transformed into a *magical* magnetic chalkboard. Don’t write on it until it is finished.
  • Next quarter, student study breaks only on Sunday.
  • Christmas Market - Join Kimiko on Friday. Check email for more info.
  • Bring in canned foods for charity. Be generous!
  • Macbeth (Caroline’s and Eleanor’s show) - This Weekend at the University Church. Thurs, Fri, Sat 8 PM. Get tickets
  • Hannah’s A Capella - Christmas Carols- Thursday @ 6 PM in Bond Chapel
  • Advent Vespers Concert with the entire Music Department - 6 PM Sunday Rock Chap
Word of the Week - “dictation”
Weenie of the Week - Jessen for believing Anees pour salt in his eye.
Vinnie of the Week - Eli for liveblogging and election coverage! and for creating Vincent Scrabble
Farewell Vincent House!

West Wing Quote of the Week:
Sam: Ms. O'Brien, I understand your feelings, but please believe me when I tell you that I'm a nice guy having a bad day. I just found out the Times is publishing a poll that says a considerable portion of Americans feel the White House has lost energy and focus. A perception that's not likely to be altered by the video footage of the President riding his bicycle into a tree. As we speak, the Coast Guard is fishing Cubans out of the Atlantic Ocean while the Governor of Florida wants to blockade the Port of Miami. A good friend of mine's about to get fired for going on television and making sense, and it turns out I accidentally slept with a prostitute last night. Now would you please, in the name of compassion, tell me which one of those kids is my boss's daughter?
Mallory: That would be me.
Sam: You.
Mallory: Yes.
Sam: Leo's daughter's fourth grade class.
Mallory: Yes.
Sam: Well, this is bad on so many levels.


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