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House Meeting Notes
Transcription by Secretary Blair

Saturday, September 29, 2007

House Meeting 9/23/07

Welcome back, Vincent. Our first house meeting was of epic length, so we're going to keep this to bare bones of review.

Some Announcements:

Unbreakable Rules: Don't break them.

  1. DON'T MESS WITH THE SPRINKLERS. 50 gallons of stagnant water per minute for at least 20 minutes equals a really nasty mess, one that will cost you about $30,000 per sprinkler.

  2. Nothing goes in or out the windows.

  3. Bodily fluids belonging to you OR your guests are your responsibility.

  4. Do not climb on or around roofs or "roof-like objects" (this includes scaffolding).

  5. No flames bigger than your finger, please.

  6. No smoking indoors, in the courtyard, or within 30 ft of the building.

Quiet hours begin at 11 pm Sunday-Thursday nights, and at 1 am Friday and Saturday nights. Even before quiet hours, please just practice common courtesy. The hallways echo, the walls are thin, and people around you can hear kind of everything. Seriously, keep it down. This includes noise outside in the courtyards. Sound travels straight into everyone else's windows. Be aware of how much noise you are making.

Parties must be approved at least 48 hours in advance. Clear it first with your floormates, and then take it to the RH's for final approval. Keep your door closed, especially if alcohol is involved. Alcohol is absolutely not allowed in public spaces, which include the hallways and the lounge. You are responsible for the behavior of your guests, so keep them under control, please.

Lock your doors! While this is a pretty safe place, thefts do occur. I know it's tempting to leave your door open while you go to the lounge or the dining hall, but be careful.

When we have a fire drill, the location to meet up is on the grassy area across from the SSA building (diagonally across from the main BJ entrance).

Associates: I believe an email went out about this, but if you weren't already voted in at the first meeting, you have to show up next week. Check the email or ask Avi/Laura for more details.

IM sign-up sheets are in the lounge. Sign up.

House Trips:

We need funds. There will be time set aside at next week's house meeting to pitch fundraiser ideas, so please get on that. We need funds.

Trips already planned:

September 28 (this Friday): Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. 30 plays in 60 minutes; I hear it's very entertaining. Sign up on the sheet outside Avi and Laura's apartment; it's gonna be $8-13.

October 6: Chicago Fire (soccer) game. Leaving here at 5 to see them play the New England Revolution. Get your name on the sign-up sheet, pay your $15 by Saturday.

October 13: Apple-picking trip. We did this last year, and it was so much fun. If you want to go (and really, how could you miss it?), sign up and pay your $5 by this Saturday.

November 22: If you'll be staying in the dorm over Thanksgiving, Avi and Laura's kitchen will open for those of you who want to make a dish for dinner. If you don't want to help cook, but still want to eat, I think you'll be asked to contribute a few dollars. Stay tuned for more details.


Co-Presidents: Karen and Josh

Vice President/IHC rep: Julian

IM rep: Karen

Assistant to the IM rep: Amira

BJ Council: Kimiko and Filipp

Dining Hall rep: Jonah

PSAC rep: Julian and Nichole

Community Service rep: Kate

Condom Fairy: Amira

Birthday Fairy: Jess Hopson

-Felipe will be our videographer for Fall Quarter so we can record some of the awesomeness.

-We need someone to take charge of making a Vincent website. As greatest of all houses, our lack of website is a serious issue that must be addressed.

-Anyone interested in doing a Vincent blog? Report on sports, trips, and whatever else is interesting.

Study Break Schedule:

Sunday: Anees will do the post-house meeting study break, which is usually held in the RH apartment. Avi and Laura will loan out bowls and silverware if you don't have your own, but please return them to the tub that will be outside their door. Bring a cup with you. Don't forget.

Tuesday: Avi and Laura will host this at 10 pm in their apartment. Come by for quesadillas this week.

Thursday: Study break will alternate between movie and game night at 9 pm. There will be a suggestion sheet posted outside their apartment. Bubble Boy is on the marquee this week.


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