Vincent & World News Service Auction '09 House Meeting Minutes

Service Auction '09
35 dollars, do I hear 40?

$10.50 for Freshly Baked White-Chocolate Chip Chocolate Cookies from Jessen

For this low, low price, Vincent House's most prominent Irish Lass ordered delicious White Chocolate Chips off the web and served up a batch of the neighborhood's best melange of chocolate flavors in a memorable fusion of civic duty and chocolaty gallantry.

$3 for Fashion Lessons from Amy

Amy Chou was kind enough to offer her fashion mastery to help the Webmaster purchase a new shirt from H & M, a new clothing retailer downtown known for their excessive pomp and pervasive nosegays. Needless to say, the Webmaster admits it was "three dollars well spent!"

$(Constants.Obscene) for Elegant Dinner from the RHs

Felipe Cocco purchased a nice dinner party catered by the RHs complete with garlic bread, lemon water, steaks, and exquisite German desserts. Mr. Cocco claims that the dinner "sucks," though some have speculated this is just a deception to prevent other Vincentians from bidding on it in next year's auction.

$11 for Self-Defense Lessons from the Tara

Tara, well-trained in the mystical arts of combat, gave Monika a lesson in these impressive skills. When asked if Monika can now defend herself, Tara responded, "I hope so, we should check up on that one of these days..." Fortunately, it seems as though Monika will be well prepared.

$26 for a Mystery Item from Eli

A mysterious remote bidder won special Eli's Mystery Item. No word yet on what the item is, but Tyler has declared the purchase to be a great success.

$13 for Bartending Lessons from Dorian

Sunshine et. al. won Bartending Lessons from the talented Dorian. Expressing a great interest in the bartending arts, she regrets that the events have yet to occur. Email Dorian to ask why.

Miel neither bought nor sold any items.

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Seller Profile
Ben Samuels-Kalow offered to orchestrate the Webmaster's application to be a contestant on a Reality TV Show which, unbeknownst to the Vincent Buyers, had been canceled nearly a year before the Auction. Ben is in the process of using his "keen eye for entertainment value" to find an alternative.
Time Lord Profile
The Doctor did not participate in Vincent's 2009 Winter Service Auction to the great displeasure of most Vincentians.
Seller Profile
Liat Spiro sold three artistic renderings of photographs supplied buyers Monika Lagaard and Jen Dentel (from Portland, Oregon). Asked how she felt about doing such redoubtable Vincent service, Liat pronounced, "'Civic duty' is a bombastic term for doing what I enjoy with and for the people with whom I enjoy living," though that sounds too cheesy to put on the website, so ignore it.
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