Vincent & World News Service Auction '09 House Meeting Minutes

House Meeting Notes
Transcription by Secretary Blair

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Minutes for 1/25

Laura: Ethiopian food was a success! Coupons yet remain and are valid until april, so talk to one of us if you'd like to go in the future.
100% participation in house survey! Bravo. A passionate round of voting yielded a dead heat between White Castle and Taco Bell for the Super Bowl party.
Volunteer to help your lovely secretary cook dinner for the service auction!
We may or may not do a winter barbecue before BJO.
Jonah: BJO game? After discussion and a veto of any bodily-fluid related activities, the game is still undecided.
Anees: service auction! Many services already, but he will email us even moar ideas. Keep signing up! Also, help Blair make food. You will get good karma and first dibs on dinner.
BJ Iron Chef: Feb. 14th. An all-day, themed cooking fest to which Laura exhorts us to "bring our A game" Despite no upperclassmen having participated last year, Anees assures us it is fun.
Also Feb. 14th: KSO show! Watch Dorian and Anees do active, physical things onstage. (Not to each other, but there will only be a few people in between them...) Delicious Korean food as well. Around ten bucks, and Anees will have tix.
Sign up to go to Fogo de Chao, because it's cheap and awesome and delicious and full of the company of your housemates. Feb. 13th at 1pm-ish. Dorian will be skipping lab to go, so you should too. Email Nadji.
Basketball on Tuesday, Broomball on Thursday. Go to both and be active and do things.
Vincent vs. Vincent soccer game: we won!
Nichole is planning a trip to Cafe Bolera (Cuban food) on Saturday. Around $15 and she will drive you in her car. Email Nichole. $2/person subsidy.
IHC is setting up chairs to wait for shuttles in front of the Reg. w00t!
Sign up for Relay4Life! It's fun, so email Elaine at Yay cancer research!
Prospies are here Feb. 6th! Dorian will email us, and the more the merrier. Host 'em, hang out with 'em, show 'em a good time.
Avi: Cups are leaving and not coming back. If you have one in your room, bring it back, ya DAB.
Spirited discussion of appropriate use of house funding led to suggestions of proposals and discussions prior to major purchases/redecorations.
2 Vincentians are southpaws (just like our president!)
Buy Shamrocks and save the endangered shamrock...that is, raise money for Muscular Dystrophy research. If we buy 150 shamrocks, Laura will make us a bonus brownie study break, so buy early and often.
A raccoon then ran down the sidewalk outside and provided a brief distraction from the meeting's proceedings.

Word of the Week: Kuvia
Vinnie: Jordan for playing soccer until he vomited. That's dedication for ya.
Weenie: Ting for not knowing Montana was a state and Jonah for an unfortunate use of the verb "to milk"

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Minutes for 1/18 Meeting

* Avi sez: skiing tomorrow! Could be even awesomer if more people come. There is still space! Email/talk to Avi.
* Go Back to the Future with Laura on MLK Day (ie, Monday) starting at 2pm in RH apt.

Tuesday: Inauguration Day/the coming of Change. 9am-3pm (10am-11pm are "hardcore times") in RH Apt for viewing. Muffins will be served. If you can’t make it, it will be taped and replayed at study break.

Thursday: RM trip to Spamalot, but more importantly there is

BROOMBALL at 8:45 on the ice rink, followed by the promised marshmallows and hot chocolate and fire (n.b.: the hot chocolate will not be in the fire) in the house lounge.

Saturday: Taking the Next Step. Go (upperclasspeople)! Learn!

Birthday/Chinese New Year ice skating party, afternoonish.

Ethiopian dinner. There are more than enough gift certificates to go around. Everyone should go!

* HOUSE SURVEY. Fill it out, yo! Laura will bribe you (again). Also, Vincent will get up to $100 with 100% participation! If you don't fill it out you are dooming our Super Bowl party to carrot sticks and carrot sticks alone.
* Anees: sign up to offer services to be auctioned at the service auction! Look out for an email.
* Anees proceeded to have extreme chest congestion which he cleared vociferously.
* KSO show on Feb. 14th. Bring your valentine to watch Anees and Dorian celebrate Korean culture.
* Nadji is leading a trip to Fogo de Chao (all-one-can-eat Brazilian meatery) Feb. 13th @ 1pm-ish.
* We voted for a $10/person subsidy for MLK day ski trip.
* Sign up for Relay for Life! Join Elaine, Hannah, Monika, and Liat as they stay up all night to raise money for cancer. 29th-30th of May. Email one of the aforementioned Vincentians to become part of the team by Jan. 30th and it's free ($5/person otherwise)
* BJC: Burton-Judson Olympics! Think of games ideas...ideally something we can win. Shamwows/Klingon speaking/Pokerapping?
* PSAC: Friday of 5th week, you can host your very own Prospie! Email Dorian with your room number and other pertinent info if you want one.
* Make friends with the popo. Email outreach ideas to They urge us to “[b]e safe and use [our] safety resources.”
* Chinese New Year Parade on Feb. 1st in Chinatown. Go to Chinatown, have lunch, watch the parade, and have a really cool cultural experience. We'll be back in time for the Super Bowl.
* Talent show March 14th! Sign up to showcase your skills or humiliate yourself. Either way, we’ll laugh. I (Blair) will email you…but you can also email me if you have burning questions.
* Bensk: Fundraisers (selling shirts) next week Mon., Tues., and Weds. outside the dining hall and perhaps even in the Reynolds Club if they become popular. Sell multiple shirts for layering warmth!
* Tues. 9:30 is men's basketball in crown. Play and win us eternal sports glory.

Vinnies: Jordan, Eli and Nadji

For buying donuts and coffee to share and
For demonstrating the wonders of ShamWow

Weenie: Laura
For advising potential rapists on how to avoid DNA incrimination (for shame!)

Word of the Week:

“(El) ShamWow”

n. An absorbent cleaning cloth capable of soaking up amazing amounts of liquid (just ask Eli/Nadji)

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