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House Meeting Notes
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Sunday, September 28, 2008

House Meeting Notes 9/28

House Meeting Notes - 9/28/08

Welcome back!
  • Kyle is our Residential Computing Aide. Feel free to fill out work orders if you have any computer/network related problems. Btw, Maclab open 24/7.
  • House Council:
President - Jonah
Vice President - Charley (who can see Russia from his house)
Treasurer - Mickey
Secretary - Yours truly, Pat
Webmaster Extraordinaire - Abe
Propsective Students Advisory Committee (PSAC) - Khyle
InterHouse Council (IHC) - Charley
House Activities Resource Council (HARC) - Eleanor
Burton Judson Council (BJC) - Blair
Birthday Fairy - Ting and Liat and Kathy
IM Rep - Nadji and his apprentice, AJ
Fundraising Chair - Ben
Service Chair - Monika and Hannah and Liat
Condom Council - Caroline, Fernando, and Eleanor
Dining Hall Rep - Eli
  • Regularly scheduled events:
Sundays at 9 PM - House Meetings in the RH apartment, followed by Anees’s study break. Come to house meetings so you’re first up for study break!
Tuesdays at 10PM - RH study break. Laura does sweet...Avi does savory
Thursdays at 9 PM - Movie night; suggestions please!
**** VP debate this week instead****
  • If you would like to make a study break, let Avi. Laura, or Anees know
  • Saturday - Chinatown for dinner, followed by Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind (30 plays in 60 minutes!) Price: $7 plus the roll of one die
  • Saturday 10 AM - Bike Tour of the South Side led by Dean Boyer. Email Avi by Tuesday to register. Bike necessary.
  • October 12th - Trip to Fire game led by Jonah - 2 PM. $3 or $4 each.
  • October 18th - Apple picking trip! Likely to be funded by HARC, so only cost will be that of apples, donuts, etc..
  • Just a reminder.... Six unbreakable rules:
No flames bigger than your finger. No tampering with any sort of fire paraphernalia
No climbing on roofs or roof-like objects
Nothing in or out of windows (no defenestration!)
No smoking anywhere in the building, in the stairwells, in the courtyards, or within 30 ft of any entrance or exit. No incense, by the way.
You are responsible for your and your guests’ bodily fluids.
Stay away from the sprinklers!! No hallway or lounge sports! 50 gal/min of poop-gross water for 20 mins = No friends
  • Quiet hours begin 11 PM weeknights, 1 AM on weekends. Be considerate!
  • Party policy: Alcohol + Loud People = Must register party beforehand
  • Make sure Miel doesn’t leave the apartment when you are entering/leaving.
  • Chopin died - RIP. Package notification will be in mailboxes. Work orders can be filed at front desk.
  • The Pit - Don’t spend too much time down there due to recent flooding.
  • If you don’t want some furniture that is in your room, let the front desk know.
  • Cable in the lounge - After much heated debate, there will be a $3 due to pay for it.
  • Book sale - There are a ton of books for the core in the RH apartment. $5 for paperbacks, $10 for hardbacks, $20 for textbooks. They will be gone Wednesday.
  • House Tshirts - If anyone has any cool designs, contact Avi or Laura within the next two weeks. Also, there are a few tshirts left from last year.
  • Anne: Join ballroom dancing and salsa - it’s fun!
  • Midnight Soccer - Stay tuned for more details. Probably on Tuesdays or Thursdays
  • Wicked on November 8!
  • cAlert - Make sure all of your contact information is up to date
  • Avi and Laura will now receive grade reports. Don’t worry (too much at least).
  • Let us know if you’re doing anything cool!
For example: Liat made a very, very big prism made of cardboard boxes for the courtyard. One question on each facet for members of BJ to respond. Check it out!
  • Vinnie of the Week - All those who placed into Math 199 for their superior math achievements. And Khyle for his capture the flag prowess.
  • Weenie of the Week - Jessen for dropping her plate of food at the Masters’ Dinner. And Anne’s dad’s lack of ability to defy the laws of physics. Laura for mispronouncing Nadji’s name. Edgar Poe etc etc...

Have a great first week!

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