Vincent & World News Service Auction '09 House Meeting Minutes

House Meeting Notes
Transcription by Secretary Blair

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

House Meeting, 10/28

Morgan is our new fundraising chair, backed by Marybeth as
co-chair and Patrick as assistant to the chair.

If you aren’t going home for Thanksgiving, don’t worry, the
Vincent family is having dinner, too! If you’d rather not help
prepare dinner, please contribute $10; if you want to help out
with just one thing, you only need to give $5; if you are
willing to help with two or more things, though, it’s a free

If you find yourself being social at night, please make a
special effort to be considerate of your floormates by closing
your doors; while it’s very kind to try and include everyone
in the vicinity in the good times going on, do remember that
many of us keep early hours. This also goes for people who
spend time in the lounge at night. Try to keep the noise
levels down; at the very least, close the door to the lounge,
that does make a difference.

Wednesday from 5:15-6:15 there will be neighborhood kids
coming to the dorm to trick-or-treat, so if you want to help
give them a safe place to gather Halloween candy, make sure to
get $6 to Avi/Laura for candy and the pumpkin to post on your
The Halloween party will take place in the Pit, there are
refreshments and lots of entertaining people. Even if you
don’t want to get your party on, do show up for the attendance
contest (Vincent’s attendance will be taken at about 10), we’d
like to win this contest, since it’ll mean more house funds
for trips and other subsidies.

Thursday: To address the recent issues surrounding IM
“sportsmanship” and participation, there will be a meeting in
the RHs’ apartment at 8:30. If you want to get up to speed on
what these issues are, Laura sent out a yovincent earlier today.

Saturday: We’re planning a trip to go bowling, so if you want
to practice a little or just get out and have some fun, you
should come.

The schedule has been kindly posted on the whiteboard by the

Weenie of the Week:
Goes to a particularly intoxicated individual who decided that
it felt good to bang her head firmly and incessantly on the
wall, responding to concerns for her safety with this gem of
wisdom: “I feel myself if I hurt myself.” Well done.


Monday, October 22, 2007

House Meeting 10/21/07

If you want one of the new Vincent House shirts, be sure to
sign up on the sheet outside Avi and Laura’s apartment by this
Tuesday. Avi just sent out an email with the link, so if you
don’t remember what the shirt looks like, check that out.

At the next house meeting we’ll elect a house fundraising
chair to coordinate ideas for making money to spend on things
like house trips, a DVD player for the lounge, and maybe one
day a new couch to replace the broken hulk in the corner.
Beside honor, fame, and glory, I guess there will be some kind
of further incentive to take on that job.

The bathrooms on floors 1 and 2 are, in fact, single sex.
Don’t just barge on through them if they are not meant for
your gender, despite their convenience. This is very rude.

The Pit is open again, M-Th from about 9-11 or 12. Whether or
not they’ll have what you want in stock appears to be more a
matter of chance than anything, it’s still worth the trip for
like pizza rolls and French fries and soda pop (you like how I
just bypassed the whole pop/soda issue there?). It’s all very
cheap and delicious.

Oh, and thanks, everyone, for not showing up for tug-of-war on

Volleyball: win. Coed Football: win. Men’s Football: win.
Dodgeball, whiffleball, and bowling all start this week.
Tuesday: Men’s dodgeball is at 8, followed by the coed game.
Whiffleball and bowling will be self-scheduled; Karen will
send out an email about those.
The volleyball and football times will remain unchanged.

-Tuesday: As many people as possible need to show up for the
condom presentation in the lounge at 9. We really need a
certain percentage of people to be there, so please drag
yourself all the way down the stairs and sit for a couple of
minutes. There will be fun-fetti study break by Marybeth
afterward, so you don’t want to miss that.
-Wednesday: Masters’ study break at 10, look forward to
caramel apples.
-Saturday: Avi and Laura will lead a trip to Devon (Indian
neighborhood) for dinner this evening. They can only take a
handful of people; sign up for the trip, but if there’s
overflow there may be a little lottery action.
Anees is leading a trip downtown on Saturday to get Japanese
food and go see Saw IV. You can join him for one or both of
these activities.
-10/31: There will be a BJ-wide house costume contest
(Vincent’s theme is Superheroes), so start getting together
your outfit. The costume contest and the attendance contest
are worth money, so winning would be great.


Tuesday, October 16, 2007

House Meeting 10/14/07


Sign up for your house shirt on the sheet outside of Avi and
Laura’s apartment. This is Jess Hopson’s brainchild, the one
with the juiced-up rooster and the chick on the back: “Size
does matter.”

If you actually needed incentive to visit the house website
(type “Vincent-house” into your browser), you can find the
house calendar there. We have some trips upcoming, like
Cymbeline, La Boheme, and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. Check it out.

Vincent remains undefeated (a tie is not a defeat) in IMs.
Wednesday night is volleyball at Crown, 9 p.m.
Midnight soccer will be in the field east of Ellis, against

If you want food this Saturday, the ONLY place they’re serving
it is at Stagg Field from 11:30-12:30. They’re going to be
having a barbeque to try to get you to attend the school’s
homecoming game, so that could be fun. More importantly, the
tug-of-war will be happening around this time. This is worth
$$$ to the house, so let’s try to make a showing. I think we
need to be there at 11:30. Keep an eye on the listhost for
better details.

This weekend is also Parents’ Weekend, by the way. The
Resident Masters are having a reception on Saturday.

Weenie of the Week:
Fernando is this week’s winner, for drunken antics. The story
is epic and well worth hearing, so ask someone on the fourth
floor for a retelling.
Honorable mention: Logan, also for drunken antics.


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

House Meeting 10/7/07

If you are drinking in your room, keep your door closed. If
your door is open, it becomes a public space like the hallway
or the lounge where alcohol is not allowed.

I’m sure few of you failed to notice that the lounge is
unclean. The problem seems to have been brought more or less
under control, but let’s learn from this experience. To
prevent the lounge from smelling like mold and other unsavory
things, please: don’t get sweat or grease (or really anything
else) on the upholstery, clean up your dishes and trash, and
leave your muddy shoes outside so you don’t track mud into the
lounge where it will get ground into the carpet. This is all
common sense, guys. Thank you.

IM News:
So far this season Vincent is unchallenged.
Co-ed football: 44-12 vs Filbey
Men’s football: 24-6 vs “Money in the Bank” (not enough,
Tennis: 7-3 Jonah vs someone else

Volleyball is this Wednesday at Henry Crown (corner of 56th
and University) at 9 pm.
Midnight soccer is Thursday at 10 pm as usual, on one of the
fields east of the ice skating rink (east is towards the
lake). We’ll be beating Compton/Hale this week.

-Thursday: Prospies will be here this Thursday. They’ll arrive
here sometime after 4, so please be around to meet your
prospie. If you didn’t take a prospie, please consider making
yourself available to take a few to dinner, answer questions,
hang out, whatever.
-Friday: Blues and Ribs at Ida Noyes from 9pm-1am. This is
free for you.
-Saturday: Most importantly, the apple-picking trip. Meet up
in the lounge at 9:45 and bring about $20 for apples, food,
activities, etc. We won’t be back until 3:30 or 4, so those of
us that are going will miss co-ed football. Give extra apples
to the RH’s for apple pie study break at some point.
Mucca Pazza will be playing on Michigan Avenue at 6. Go see Tom.
Also, Laura will be going to see Ratatouille at Doc, leaving
around 8:30. It’s $5 if you don’t have a pass. Quality movie,
in my opinion.
Next week: La Boheme and Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me.

Thanks to:
-Felipe. The video was fantastic. Please send out a yovincent
when it’s up on youtube.
-Abraham. Thanks so much for all your hard work on the Vincent
House website; finally the greatness of Vincent may be seen by
all. I personally can’t wait to check it out. Please also give
us a yovincent when the time has come.
-And to Gabby, our Weenie of the Week, for mastering the
physics of the first-floor urinal.


Monday, October 8, 2007

House Meeting 9/30/07


Local residents have been complaining about student behavior,
so the CPD is going to be taking a “more active role” in
policing us. This is the Chicago Police Department, not your
friendly UC police. They’ll crack down especially on public
intoxication, underage drinking, and noise ordinance
violations. What this means to you: don’t drink alcohol
outside ever, take the drunk van if you’re coming home drunk,
don’t be obnoxious after 11 (this includes indoor parties),
and if you play midnight soccer, be off the Midway by 11. All
good advice regardless. If you’re stopped by the police for
any reason, be respectful. This is one of those no-brainers.
And if you are arrested, Avi and Laura cannot help you out.
Give them a call so they know where you are, but first contact
your parents or friends (whoever is more likely to bail you
out), and the University.

Vincent’s very own Jonathan Hartley is running for Student
Government, so show him your support, Class of 2011. He seems
like a level-headed chap, worthy of your vote.

House dues: Josh sent out an email about this, but don’t
forget. Get Kate $5 before the next house meeting. Don’t just
slide money under her door or hand it to her, but make sure
your name is somehow attached to it (envelope, paper-clipped
note, something). At the moment, the house is low on funds
until we can raise more. So we’re asking for a one-time
involuntary donation of $5. This isn’t optional–we all benefit
from house funds, we all have to contribute (if you’re not
benefiting, that’s your fault. Get involved).

Some of the fundraisers proposed are: themed bake sale (like
around Halloween), for which we need volunteers to bake the
goods and man the table; Avi’s Oregon Trail t-shirt (much
approved); and the Vincent lounge snack shop, which is pending
approval by the housing office. There is a sheet posted in the
lounge for bright snack shop ideas.

IM’s: The fall IM season begins this weekend
-Midnight Soccer will continue on Thursday nights at 10 pm
(off the field by 11, remember?). We usually meet up in the
lounge 15 minutes or so beforehand.
-Flag Football: coed games will be Saturdays at 3, men’s games
on Sundays at 3. We need one more ref from the house for
football, so if you know a safety is (and no, I don’t mean the
pin), then consider doing that. You get $10/game, too. Sweet deal.
-Volleyball: We have a coed team, playing Wednesday nights at 9.
-Bowling and tennis schedules are by individual arrangement,
so get on that soon.
-And finally, the sign-up sheet for whiffleball is in the
lounge. If you don’t know what whiffleball is, it’s like
baseball, only a lot goofier.

Thursday: Richard Dawkins will give a free talk at I-House.
Look for an email.
Friday: At the SSA from 12-2, register your bike (free) and
your laptop ($12). Also, Wii boxing tourney at 9 pm, which is
$1 to enter.
Saturday: bbq at 5. If you gave Avi your ISO number off your
card, you’ll be eating this.
Sunday: Nikki in the Garden at the Garfield Conservatory.
Leave from the lounge at 12:30, suggested donation is $5.
Next week: La Boheme (Oct. 16, $12) and Wait Wait Don’t Tell
Me (Oct 18, $8+metra)


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