Vincent & World News Service Auction '09 House Meeting Minutes

House Meeting Notes
Transcription by Secretary Blair

Sunday, February 22, 2009

House Minutes 2/22

  • A Student Govt. stopped by. SG is made up of College Council and Graduate Council, and various subcommittees therein. Next year they are instituting new bus routes (no more 171 and maybe 173X downtown) and the new dining plan. Elections are coming up in Spring, so run if you want, and make sure to vote!
  • Avi: Oscars. Tonight. Yay. Fill out ballots (by the time you read this, it is likely too late to do so).
  • Thursday: RA interviews (preliminary, not for Vincent House specifically). Show up a little before 7-8 or 9-10 if you're interested in seeing the process/asking questions/etc.
  • Saturday: BJO! Big, awesome event with the VH ShamWow Challenge. Most important part is the kickoff at 8pm--points for attendance and shoe-kicking (seriously). There is money to win, and a basketball tournament which we will try to get a team for. Also, stop failing at shamrocks and buy some! 150+ and we get an extra study break with brownies galore. GO LARGE ROOSTERS!
  • The previous announcement was underscored by the Olympics theme, as played by Abe's laptop.
  • Mathews and Linn House may merge at some point in the near future, but no one knows for sure. Stay tuned.
  • Avi/Laura thanked us for compliments and criticism from the Housing Survey and assure us that they are working on everything.
  • Movie Night on Thursday is Blindness in the lounge at 10pm.
  • Breakfast for Dinner at 6pm Saturday before BJO. Totes delish.
  • Anees contemplated what a Pokemon would taste break idea? Thanks for entertaining Suhayl...except Charlie.
  • Want to see Miel jump through a flaming hula hoop? Then sign up for the Talent Show! Email Blair OR ELSE.
  • Khyle sez: the other team messed up the time for soccer, so we may scrimmage them later. Sunday is semifinals and finals, so come out and play/support ur team.
  • Jessen: the dining hall musical will be next quarter. If you want to be in it, give Jessen a CD so she can give you the music.
  • Come see Cinderella next Friday at 8 and Saturday at 2pm. Come see Jessen dance in her lovely handsewn tutu!
  • University will be testing replacement system for Chopin and will probably have a new system up by next...year.
  • White Sox trip 5th week of Spring Quarter (April 27th). 10 bucks for a ticket.
  • Felipe: This American Life Live at Chicago Theater on April 19th. It's going to be totally awesome, and get tickets soon because it will sell out!
  • Mickey: Vincent House is wonderfully flush. Thanks for paying so quickly for service auction stuff so quickly!
  • The long-awaited TV vote took place, and the measure passed. Get ready for HDTV glory!

WotW: bromide "A trite or overused remark, like sustainability"
Vinnie: Berenice for scoring 2 goals
Weenies: Elaine, crypticbuds420 for mispelling Vincent (there's a C!) and for being a creeper on Xbox Live

Sunday, February 15, 2009

House Minutes 2/15

  • Big Important Meeting Today!
  • Laura: Eli jumped at the chance to pick a movie night movie, so Cinema Paradiso it is.
  • Broomball Tuesday at 8:45 with study break after. We made the playoffs, so you "should totally come" and intimidate the other team. Homemade from-scratch bagels to follow. Stop by Monday or Tuesday if you want to help...there are culinary secrets to be learned.
  • Friday is Josh's Skate Date ice rink party from 8-10 PM. We should show up and restore Josh's faith in Vincent House participation. There may be Boggle.
  • OSCARS 2K9 next Sunday. Starting Sunday morning you can pick up and fill out a ballot to be scored during the watching. Two fabulous prizes: Cinema Aficionado (all correct) and Better Luck Next Time (full of fail).
  • Due to Oscar festivities, House Meeting next Sunday will be at seven o'clock (post-meridian). We will employ the wonder of TiVo to catch up on the awards postmeeting.
  • Be on time for IMs! You don't want us to forfeit or be rushed and lose our Zen mindset.
  • Anees: John Oliver (hilarious British stand-up bloke) next Saturday (21st). Buy tickets in Reynolds ($10). And thx 4 tha mix CDs/birfday stuff!
  • Charley: IHC says there could be a change to the Flex system that will take away the discount we get with our meal plans. No one likes this idea (except IHC, apparently)
  • David: New TV proposal. For the ideal setup, the house would pay no more than $470 (at least $300 has been offered privately). A YoVincent is to come. Votes on this expenditure will be accepted by email to Avi and Laura up until 7 next week and in person at house meeting.
  • Mickey sez: Pay up for your service auction stuff! You still have until tomorrow until the harrassment starts.
  • Monika's sister is visiting, so if you see her around, say hi and don't freak out!
  • Khyle: soccer dominated today; we may have made semifinals.
  • Anees will have a friend visiting who's cool. He will follow you to class/be swiped in by you/be a victim of borderline pederasty by Anne.

PotW: "Korean bush"
Vinnie: Berenice, Dorian and Anees and Minjae for performances; Iron Chefs for fierce competition
Weenie: Anne for believing forceful sneezes can pop out eyeballs, Jessen and Ting for creative use of the CTA

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Vincent House Minutes 2/8

  • Special announcement from Dance Marathon! April 25th you can dance for 12 hours and raise money for the Children's Place (a charity for families affected by HIV/AIDS). There are prizes! or at Reynolds Weds. from 10am-3pm. $15 registration fee, $120 to raise.
  • Laura: way to go with auction! Great auctioneering and food and buying. But don't rest on your proverbial laurels because this Saturday is BJ IRON CHEF. With a $30 budget, we will prepare a 3-5 course meal on a theme picked by Josh. If you're interested (and you totally should be), email Laura. Last minute showing up is okay too...donuts to be provided at 9 on Saturday.
  • Final broomball game (unless we make playoffs) on Thursday, followed by the perenially popular fire and smores extravaganza in the lounge, followed by Movie Night (The Man Who Knew Too Little) at 10pm.
  • Tuesday is V-Day study break. Bring yourself and no date (or, okay, bring a date, but don't gloat) to enjoy treats.
  • Avi: Watchmen movie in 3 weeks at Navy Pier imax. It will be awesomer than anything, so look forward to a house trip, probably Friday.
  • Anees: Saturday is KSO Show, called something which he forgot, but it's about love. Watch Dorian and your RA fight people. Felipe, who went last year against his will, said it was actually great. Laura further remarked that it is the best cultural show she's ever seen ever. 10 bucks for all-"u"-can-eat Korean food and good tix from Anees or Dorian.
  • All ur mix CDs are belong to Anees for his trip to Madison. Give him music to get him pumped for his interview.
  • A $5/person subsidy was voted in for the Fogo de Chao trip.
  • We earned over 800 bucks at the service auction! Ehnice. But this is money that we all still owe, so pay up. Cash or check to Avi/Laura or Mickey. Emails will come when entries have been tabulated, and then you will have a week to pay. Kneecaps may be broken if you delay.
  • The Large Roosters had an epic encounter in basketball that lead to what appeared to be a crushing loss...until the other team pulled a technical foul and we made both our free throws and WON.
  • In a related story, our asses were handed to us in Broomball, despite Nadji scoring a goal. Soccer suffered a debatably unfair loss.
  • Survey on SCC to come.
  • Workshops go up next week: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and a free preview on Wednesday. Come see Berenice and enjoy dead baby jokes.
  • Nadji is going to Steppenwolf on Wednesday to see "Art", a great play by a playwright of ambiguous nationality. Student tickets are 10 or 15 bucks.
  • We voted to subsidize registration fees up to $30 for Relay for Life.

QotW: "Better than mangoes, even" If you don't get the reference, you probably don't want to know.
Vinnie: Tyler, Ben, Eli, Felipe, Gay Threesome, and Mother Nature/Greenhouse gases
Weenie: Filipp Makoveev for being a bit of a creeper

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Minutes for 2/1

house minutes 2/1

Fundraising t-shirts are in! Sales begin Monday. Talk to Bensk if you want to help.
Brainstorming about BJO game led to the Vincent House ShamWow Challenge. Trial runs to be done Tuesday. Kimiko was unaware of the nature of ShamWows, an ignorance that was quickly remedied.
Shamrox rock, so buy them from Kimiko! A buck apiece, and if we buy 150 (as a house) there are bonus brownies to be had.
Saturday at 6 is the Service Auction! I (Blair) will be making dinner and am eager for volunteers. Email me or Laura if you want to lend a hand cooking or cleaning (or both!) Also, you will starve unless you service or help cook or donate at least 3 bucks to the house. But you should probably do one or both anyway.
Josh will be having midterm study breax throughout the week.
Broomball on Thursday: A&L will be unable to attend, so many moar of us (ladiez especially) should show up to play. Also, no fire due to lack of supervision, but Laura will make brownies and hot chocolate if someone is willing to distribute.
Last-minute service auction sign-ups are welcome. Email Anees right quick! It's extra fun.
Saturday the 21st you can go see all 5 movies nominated for Best Picture at River East for 30 bucks starting at 10am. Plus, bottomless popcorn (if you buy it to begin stealing). Sounds pretty awesome and thus sells out quickly, so move fast!
Friday the 20th, Sunshine will be going to a concert of Spanish music through the ages at the Art Institute. Tag along, because it will be cool/cultural and free!
Anees acting in Dorian's stead informed us that prospies are coming and we will know soon how many.
Avi acting in Khyle's stead informed us that Khyle was lame and had to write papers but IMs this week are at the usual times.
In case of a dire situation with your prospie, Laura wants it made known that you should not hesitate to call her or Avi. Try not to let them die.
Nichole then entertained us with a story of a prospie visit gone awry.

WoTW: "little weird"
Vinnie: Ed McMahon and MC Hammer for trading in their gold 4 cash
Weenie: Khyle for hitting a house officer in the face with a football; DABs for going to Chinatown via Lincoln Park

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