Vincent & World News Service Auction '09 House Meeting Minutes

House Meeting Notes
Transcription by Secretary Blair

Sunday, March 8, 2009

House Minutes 3/8

  • Laura: BJ closes the 21st at noon. Get out on time or else there will be dire consequences! Close your windows, clean our your fridge, unplug your stuff, and toss your trash.
  • 24-hour quiet hours begin Wednesday at 11. So shut up and let people study/sleep! In general, remember to be considerate and keep it down, close your doors, etc.
  • Tuesday's study break is delicious hummus from Nadji, which has earned accolades in the past and promises to be great.
  • Thursday night is Man On Wire, a documentary that is universally liked by everyone (well, at least all critics).
  • Six episodes of West Wing starting 1pm on Friday in the RH apartment. Get caught up on Season Two while Laura bakes pies for 3.14.
  • Saturday is a trip to see the river dyed a lovely Irish Green for St. Patty's Day. We'll leave the dorm at 9am to grab coffee downtown before the 10:45 dyeing, followed by either Shamrock Shakes, Portillo's hot dogs, or the parade.
  • Saturday night is make-your-own-pizza-pi(e) night with pi(e) for dessert starting at 6pm. Email will come with tha deetz.
  • FINALS WEEK cometh. But despair not, because there will be study breaks (Vincent or Josh's) every night to alleviate your suffering.
  • Baseball tix--you have until March 12th. Bring 9 bucks to Laura if you want to come (which you do). It will be awesome.
  • Josh The Master is hosting karaoke on Thursday in the lounge from 8-9.
  • Live nearby? Got a bike? Bring it, because Laura wants to do super neat bike trips Spring Quarter.
  • Tomorrow (Monday) Westboro Baptist "Church" will be protesting and spreading hate around campus. Avoid all the awfulness and celebrate with free hugs, food, RSO performances, and love in Hutch Courtyard around noontime. There will also be a banner to sign and an interfaith prayer circle outside the Div School. Do not engage the protesters and discourage anyone who seems to want to.
  • Avi and Laura will both be available and answering their phones Monday during the protests. If, God forbid, you get arrested, call your parents first.
  • Anees issued his stamp of approval to Avi and Laura's abilities as Resident Heads.
  • We voted to use house funds to get HD channels in the lounge.
  • Anees sez: quiet hours are FO REALS. Talking/singing/watching TV is too loud, espesh during reading/finals week. There will be a prize for Greatest Reduction in Noise, based upon votes from Vincentians. So STFU already!
  • Fancy Anees Benferhat Memorial Endaquarter Dinner will be held Wednesday and organized by Kathy. Stay tuned.
  • Dorian and Jordan requested that we make the lounge aesthetically pleasing and neat after we hang out there. The more you know...
  • IHC study break is Wednesday in honor of Pi Day (go figure). Also, fill out the SCC survey Charley sent out and get 100 bucks for house funds.
President: Alexandra Tabachnick the First
VP: Felipe "Loco" Cocco
Secretary: Yours truly, Blair
Treasurer: Mickey

WotW: DDG adj. Drop-dead gorgeous, for the ubergeeks of King of Kong
Weenie: Bros for not noticing a giggly game of Strip Candyland; Nichole for attempting to steal Avi's laptop
Vinnie: Eli for diligent election coverage throughout the week; Lexie and Berenice for anti-Westboro work and Dove Bar winning

Sunday, March 1, 2009

House Minutes 3/1

  • Laura: March 7-16 law School library will be closed to undergrads so we don't distract law students from studying law and whatever during their reading period.
  • Tuesday: Study Break (at 9 PM as usual) will be 7-Or-Perhaps-Slightly-Fewer-Layer Bean Dip.
  • Thursday: 7 PM is an RA interview. Come by and sit in, all of you. Movie Night is Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore? at 9:30 PM (note time change!)
  • Who will watch Watchmen? All of you, if you should so choose. 7:45 showing at River East (we'll get there at 6:45 for good seats). Leave from the lounge at 4:45 for pre-movie Chipotle. Avi says it's "second only to the Bible in epicness." Check your email for the link for tix from Avi.
  • Attention everyone: sign up for the talent show as if your mortal soul depended on it. Seriously, there is a dearth of acts.
  • Delicious meal sub will take place before the talent show (Mar. 14). Ideas? Talk to/email Laura or Blair.
  • Bensk is starting an RSO for Blockles playing repairing computers for schoolkids and would really like people to sign up. Give him your name/ID number if you're interested.
  • IHC wants your input on the dining plan (email jordanp@uchicago) and transportation (email sstanwood@uchicago) changes. So far, the dining plan is going to be grandfathered in for 2nd/3rd years and a flat plan for everyone else at $4700.
  • Want to do study break early next quarter? Anees is planning ahead and will have sign-ups soon.
  • Remember those lame transportation changes SG said they'd be doing? Well, they're wrong. 171 to remain; 173x likely will not see the light of day.
  • Lexie (on behalf of CTDWDGA) encouraged us to buy "I Want Da Gold" leprechaun shirts (they're cheap!) in time for St. Patty's Day. She'll email out a YoVincent.
  • Felipe sez: keep the lounge clean. It's a shared space. And don't swing bats or throw darts around the new TV.
  • Reminder: no drinking in the lounge either. On a related note, if you lost a shot glass, come see Laura for its return and a talking-to.
  • We lost in soccer, but we had a good season. Go Large Roosters!
  • TV will be here tomorrow (ie, Monday), to be set up on Tuesday. We voted to add in 30 additional dollaz from house funds until BJC funding comes thru.
Election Coverage
fromfrom your only official Vincent House News Source
President: Lexie, Abe, Dorian
Veep: Felipe, Fernando, Jen
Treasurer: Mickey
Secretary: Blair (incumbent), Eli
IM Rep: Khyle (most probably)
BJC: Jen, Berenice, Kimiko

QotW: "I just fingered my banana really well" --Laura, to Avi
Vinnies: David, Jordan, Jessen, Mickey, Lexie, Abe
Weenie: Felipe for his epic jizz-in-my-pants experience, Laura for failing at parallel parking

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