Vincent & World News Service Auction '09 House Meeting Minutes

House Meeting Notes
Transcription by Secretary Blair

Sunday, April 26, 2009

House Meeting Minutes 4/26

  • Lexie and Felipe were (tragically) absent, leaving us in Treasurer Mickey's capable hands.
  • Special Guest Appearance by Nick, aka our next year's RA! Anees made a terrible pun about his name and Nick assured us that he would not make bad jokes.
  • Lexie-by-proxy informed us that the zoo trip will be rescheduled...again.
  • Tyler and Khyle won the Roommate Game (wassup?!) with 4.5 correct responses and they will advance to the prestigious next round.
  • Avi and/or Laura pointed out Nick The New RA (again) and reminded us to get hype for the Sox game tomorrow. Avi will be leading people out at 6. And the valuble extra ticket yet remains unclaimed! Get thee to an RH posthaste if you'd like to buy it.
  • Tuesday's study break is "something delicious" (says Avi) and on Tuesday-ish we will all receive brightly-colored papers that we have to hang out to because they are our housing contracts and they're important.
  • Wednesday @ 10 is a mysteriously unknown Master's study break.
  • Thursday at the usual time is Roman Holiday at Cinema Vincent.
  • Off the record, Anees reminded us that on Saturday you should totally go to the Talent Show and not the RM's trip.
  • A week from Tuesday is the super-important Housing Lottery at 8:30 and not a minute later FOR REALZ or you lose your lottery number. If you can't be there at 8:30 sharp, get a proxy and talk to Avi-or-Laura for further guidance.
  • Avi just wanted to say that he said everything he wanted to say.
  • Quoth RA Anees: We will go to Clark St. and walk and eat breakfast and lunch and ice cream on a sunny day, maybe this Saturday (or not).
  • Vinnie Awards are coming up, so look out for an email. And the quarter's half over already, so plan events quickly and stop talking to your husband or wife.
  • Apparate with your housemates to MSI for HP goodness on May 15th. Laura will figure out how many galleons and sickles we need and send us an owl*.
  • House funds are at about 680 dollars after TV sale money and BJO cash.
  • Dorian, Pat, and Berenice will be setting up Assassins on Tuesday. There will be codenames and it's not too late to sign up.
  • Roast of Anees (bwahaha) will be May 24th. Start writing up some witty bons mots and get excited for Dorian's mocktails.
  • Self-aware cool people played soccer on Thursday and sadly lost. Our first softball game of the season was awesome (including an epic RBI by your secretary) even though we kind of lost.
  • No moar prospies for the academic year! Dorian thanked us heartily.
  • Dorian's organizing a bitchin' paintballin' trip May 31st. It will cost around 45 bucks for a full day of awesome. Come test your real-life Halo skills against David Ottlinger.
  • Congrats to Kimiko on her RA position in Bishop next year!
  • The birthday fairy flitted in and reminded us to wish Monika a happy birthday this Thursday.
  • The constitutional amendment for the new house funds managment system passed from bill to law with a 2/3 majority.

Vinnie: Seamus for lending electronic amplification, Elaine for using her body to make money for charity
Weenie: Felipe for not tending goal, the Weather for sucking hardcore
Word of the Week: "jerkin'" adj. As in Dude, that's jerkin'!

*Apologizes about how lame this sounds.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

House Minutes 4/19

  • Lexie had nothing to say.
  • Neither did Avi.
  • Somehow, we ended up with an extra ticket to the Sox game. Talk to Laura and it could be yours!
  • Game Night in the RH apartment tomorrow night for the benefit of our coupla prospies.
  • Grilled Cheese Study Break HOMG on Tuesday at the usual time. Nom nom nom.
  • Afro Samurai at 9 on Thursday. "It's like an anime thing series with Samuel L. Jackson, I think," says Avi.
  • The New Anees will be announced by...sometime after Wednesday when Avi and Laura feel ready to stop witholding. Check your Twitter (#vincentra)
  • We should really get HARC funding for the Harry Potter trip, hint hint. If someone can get a couple other houses interested, it can happen.
  • DO NOT MARK UP THE TV. Anees will kill you.
  • Be green and turn stuff off, because it's Earth "Month or Week," as Avi says. Abe reminded us not to strand our housemates in a dark bathroom.
  • Next: May 2nd may be our walking day. But it could also be this Saturday.
  • Soccer. Saturday. Come 'n' play @ 2. Anees and Elaine will tell you: it's awesome.
  • Lincoln Park Zoo trip has been raindate'd to next Sunday.
  • Lexie needs an extra two bux from those who bought Second City tix because of some lame phone charge. Pay her soon or there will be retribution.
  • Salisbury is taking our piece of crap...that is, gently used television off our hands.
  • Annoying Girl was noticeably absent from IHC this week, cutting the meeting time drastically. And the BIG CUPS in the dining hall are a permanent addition, so imbibe away.
  • The Roomate Game will be at Study Break on Tuesday...even though we all have singles. Pick a roomie from the house, try to guess their favorite things, and potentially win a prize, maybe, that will be Ben and Jerry's.
  • Proposed house funds amendment: house funds will be split into a general account and a savings account. Subsidies and such will not be awarded from in-house fundraising, but only from external money (ie, t-shirt sales). Felipe will send out a draft of the constitutional amendment and we will vote at next week's meeting.
  • Contrary to rumors, there will not be an anthropomorphic cup coming to IHC next week.
  • Talent Show is May 2nd! Officially (although exact time TBA)! Email me (Blair) if you want to be in it or have to cancel your act :( or anything. I will be making snaaaaacks...
  • Dorian sez: donate floorspace for prospies on Thursday. Last Thursday went great (thx evary1!) but we need as many hosts as possible. And remember, number of brownies = number of prospies you host.
  • Want to make fun of Anees? Well, Eli is going to roast him May 24th. Jokes and quote-unquote mocktails will abound as we send off our favorite and only RA for this year. Eli will YoVincent us.
  • Ben says ORCSA will probably give us a table for selling t-shirts again in Reynolds, and we might be able to sell more than one. And remember, no one especially likes selling shirts, but we do it for the good of Vincent, so sign up. We can't spend money we don't have.
  • Assassinate! Email Bernie to sign up.
  • Jonah made The Large Roosters lose soccer (not really).

Quote of the Week: "you're pot committed" Tyler Smith's poker psychout strategy
Vinnie: Gaius for poker pwnage, Khyle for being a ninja (or was he?), Berenice for serving her community well
Weenie: Laura for her markedly average statistics skills

Sunday, April 12, 2009

House Meeting Minutes 4/12

  • A stirring round of applause kicked off this week's meeting. Quite invigorating.
  • Laura: Easter Egg Hunt post-study break! Although by the time you read this it will be over probably!
  • Dunes Trip will be May 23rd (with Mathews and Linn). It's about twelve bucks each, but totally worth it.
  • The house lottery cometh! If you've gotten questions, ask a Schwabley.
  • Expelliarmus! (or something...) Someone should really get around to picking a date for the HP MSI fest. If we invite other houses, there could be HARC funding.
  • Vincent House Card Nite will be Saturday. Five dolla buy in (put it in yo mouf?). Snax, fun, and general camaraderie, plus making cashmoney for charity. Around eightish in one of the BJ lounges.
  • GET UR MONEY IN FOR BASEBALL. Talk to Laura ASAP because she is buying the tickets Monday.
  • Walkapalooza is coming soon! Got a street suggestion (not Cottage Grove, plz)? Talk to Anees.
  • Prez. Lexie sez: Salisbury might take our TV for 30 bucks (which is way moar than it's worth), but nothing is for def yet so we shall see.
  • Second City tix are going to be bought by Wednesday. Get your money to Lexie posthaste because they sell out fast!
  • It's gonna be warm and pretty this weekend, so Lexie is going to lead a promenade through Lincoln Park zoo on Sunday.
  • Felipe reports from IHC that there was a really annoying girl there. But seriously...on the 21st, a police officer from UCPD will come to talk about security, so email Felipe with any questions you have.
  • Two Tuesdays from now we will participate in The Roomate Game. Come and learn things you may not even want to know about your housemates!
  • Fill out the SCC survey and we can get cash money! You can actually answer it in one question...not that you should. Felipe will send us a link.
  • Vincent House Council is considering controlling house funds in two accounts: money from inside the house and money from fundraising/BJO-type things, etc. so that we can allot more appropriate amounts for house subsidies and capitol improvements. Let Felipe/Lexie know if and what you think about our money management and we will vote on specifics for a constitutional amendment next house meeting.
  • IM-wise, we've still got 12" softball, foosball, and billiards--email Khyle to sign up. Soccer dominated this week, which was "pretty sweet." We gave 20 bucks from house funds to pay IM fees.
  • Pickup soccer Saturday at 2. Go with Anees and play...wassup?!
  • Prospie week is imminent! We have bunches o' people hosting this coming Thursday (but Dorian could always take more...there are brownies to be had). We are going to show them a great time of some kind or another.
  • Tara's birthday is Tuesday; Hannah's on Wednesday. So embarrass them by singing to them in the dining hall on the appropriate day!
  • Listen to the sultry sound of Eli in the Morning Friday mornings from 2 to 4 am. or 88.5 if you actually own a radio.
  • BJC will be selling t-shirts and having some kind of study break at some point.
  • Anime Club will be selling Chinese Buns in Cobb for the next two weeks, and Pat encourages us to come and enjoy them...only a dollar!
  • Jonah will be leading a trip to a Chicago Fire game May 9th or 31st. Tix are about 18 bucks, but are really invaluable because apparently the Fire is a really good team or something.
  • Housewide Assassin? Water guns and paranoia? Talk to Bernie and it may go down in the near future...
  • T shirt selling will happen Thursday and Friday in BJ's atrium, and times TBA in Reynolds.

WotW: "gewww" Definition removed for family audiences. Ask Eli or Lexie if you're curious.
Vinnies: Thum and Gaius for awesome Poker-related stuff
Weenies: The Romans! And Bensk for self-defenestration.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

House Minutes 4/5/09

  • Extra-special thanx to Eli for graciously stepping in last week as acting secretary when yours truly was unavoidably detained.
  • Lexie gave us a cheery greeting and expressed her sorrow at having missed last week's meeting. The Tabachnick term!
  • Laura: Accio MSI! That is...let's go see the Harry Potter exhibit! It's rather expensive (26 bucks apiece unless we get a big group), despite being history and thus invaluable. Let Laura know when you wanna go so that we can organize.
  • Avi: Tuesday @ 9PM is Study Break PLUS House Lottery drawing. There'll also be a sheet outside the RH apartment for y'all to indicate your housing plans for the year to come. Come early (8:30) for a Q&A about housing and Miel...that is, meal plans.
  • Monday is the deadline for Passover food refund. Get thee to the housing office and fill out a form if you plan to observe.
  • RA interviews starting Weds. at 8PM and Sun. at 1PM. Come to interrogate nice people who want to make us study breaks next year.
  • Thursday is Movie Night featuring JUNGLE 2 JUNGLE. Do not miss this nuanced and sensitive piece of cinematic greatness.
  • Laura, after being cruelly abandoned by Avi, is leading an ice cream adventure on Friday to iCream (lolz), where robots or something make frozen desserts.
  • O-Aide apps are due the 12th. There is a little electronic recommendation formy thing (to quote Laura) that you need to send to the Schwableys right pronto if you want one. Remember: put something other than House O-Aide first if you really want to be back here, because this will increase ur chances.
  • Bestest Study Break of Winter Quarter is...Irish Soda Bread and Potato Soup, made by returning champions Blexie. (thanks, Vincentians!)
  • Anees: like walking miles and miles? Well...we are going to, probably down Clark St. with stops for lunch, ice cream, and what have you...when it's warmer, natch.
  • Also, let's go to stand-up club! And also the Point! These will be events in the near future and possibly during the week. Check yo' calendars!
  • Also also, the Vincent awards are to be looked forward to. And the Indiana Dunes trip (awesome, debateably fake beach).
  • Laura informed us that beach can refer to any strip of pebbly or sandy terrain next to a body of water (not just the ocean).
  • Given that our TV remote has gotten a little too remote (possibly stolen by Chamberlain?), I (Blair) am shipping a giant novelty universal remote from my house to donate to the lounge. No guarantees about whether or how well it will work.
  • Want to redesign the lounge? We need a comprehensive proposal to get things moving, so if you want to exercise your inner Paige Davis, let Lexie know and get working on a plan.
  • Lexie will post an ad to Marketplace to sell the old TV and get it outta the lounge.
  • Next Saturday, Lexie is going to take a trip to Pilsen, which everyone is invited to join in on. Viva Pilsen!
  • A Second City trip is in the works. Utterly uproarious comedy for 20 bucks during the week, 25 on the weekends. An email is forthcoming.
  • Softball, floor hockey, and innertube water polo deadlines are this Wednesday. Email Khyle with your ID number ASAP if you want to play. Go Large Roosters!
  • Got ideas for how to allocate house funds (less for subsidies, more for capitol improvements, etc.?) Email Lexie or Felipe.
  • Berenice: sign up for community service on April 18! Lunch and transportation will be provided. Anees added that it's super fun and fulfilling, and you can make friends (Eli).
  • Next Saturday the Singapore Society will be having a Texas Hold 'Em tournament (remember those mysterious card pyramids?) at Ida Noyes from 4-6PM. Lectures, dinner, and card gaming with glamorous prizes! Get tix ($10 for dinner and 1 buy-in) from Thum or Gaius.
  • Anne sez: tomorrow from 7-8 is salsa dancing at Ida Noyes for five bux. Awesome sexy time with awesome sexy people.
  • 539.13 in our house coffers, says Mickey, and upon arrival of BJC money it should surpass 600. Also, buy books from the lounge (paperbacks 5 bucks, hardcovers 10, and textbooks 20). Pay Mickey and let Ben know what you bought.

Vinnie: Khyle and Berenice for their dramatic prowess, Ben for Hamlet and dinner makin'
Weenie: Sunshine for thinking Vincent is an advisor, Laura for basically calling Jen fat
Phrase of the Week: "You know anything about Pokemon? 'Cause I wanna take a Pikachu" (get it?)

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