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Important Links
UChicago's myriad of important sites
academics at UChicago
cMore is the student information access service. View current course schedules, update contact information, add/change majors, view final grades, and bid for next quarter's courses in the 8th week of every quarter. Time Schedules is the course schedules site. Class dates/times/instructors for the next quarter are posted during the 8th week of each quarter.
College Catalog is the U of C's course catalog divideded into byte-sized PDF's for your convenience. Unlike the print catalog, the online version is always up to date. Chalk is a site where some professors post course readings, assignments, syllabi, other course info, and/or grades.
Finals Schedules are, of course, important near finals week to see when you'll be done for the quarter, and during finals week to help you make all your exams. Check often during these times. Faculty Evaluations can help you pick courses or section of courses to take. Avoid professors with very poor handwriting.
Academic Calendar features past and present UChicago calendars of quarter start/end dates and days off. UChicago Library. View hours for all the libraries on campus and search the UChicago catalog.
Technology at UChicago
CMail is the free webmail service, providing you with 1 Gb of storage. You can have mail sent here forwarded to another account, or you can download it to a desktop client via IMAP or POP3. Dropbox is a free online file storage service (which is better than UChicago's analogous WebShare). You get 2 Gb of storage, you can mount the remote drive on your computer for easy local access, and you get online access on the Dropbox website.
NSIT is the site of the Network Services and Information Technologies dept. They have guides on everything from setting up your desktop email client to accessing the campus Wi-Fi from your iPhone.
living at uchicago
Directory is UChicago's database of all faculty and students. Search people at the University by name, department, CNet ID, or phone number. Chicago Life is a good overall guide to every aspect to life at UChicago. You probably got this in the mail but did you bring it with you?
Chopin is the Residence Halls info management site. Check your printing balance, check if you've received any packages, submit Work orders, and add a forwarding address for the summer or winter. Doc Films, home to Max Palevsky Cinema, is the student film society which screens entertaining films for the low price of $5.
Student Employment is a listing of UChicago campus jobs (both Work-Study and non-Work-Study) for students from tour-guiding to library-clerking. CAPS is the site of the Career Advising & Planning Services. During an appointment or during walk-in hours, they'll review resumes and help you find jobs and/or internships for summer or post-graduation.
Student Government is home to the College Council which periodically enacts minor policy changes in the College after lengthy deliberations. Marketplace is UChicago's own Craigslist clone. Other students will sell you books, furniture, electronics, etc.
The Chicago Maroon is the independent student newspaper at UChicago. But if you're like the Webmaster, you'll mainly read Digg and David Brooks's column in the New York Times. Student Ombudsperson. Here you'll find info about the Student Ombudsperson office which can help you deal with nearly every kind of issue related to the University.
Getting Around Chicago and UChicago
UChicago Maps features maps of the campus and of greater Chicago. CTA Trip Planner is the official transit planner of the Chicago Transit Authority which runs the buses and L trains in Chicago.
Metra Schedules tells you the times you can get to/from downtown in the quickest way possible on the Metra Electric Rail. UChicago Transportation is a guide to UChicago's Hide Park shuttles and the CTA's Hyde Park routes, free to UC students carrying ID.
Google Transit will give you directions like Google Maps, except it tells you which buses/trains to take.