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Vincent & World News Service Auction '09 House Meeting Minutes

House Meeting Notes
Transcription by Secretary Blair

Sunday, May 31, 2009

House Minutes 5/31

  • Last house meeting of the year! Cue sad-sounding awwww. Emotions to be postponed for the end of the meeting.
  • Laura sez: check your email for how to leave BJ after finals. Basically, they don't care where you sleep, but you can't sleep here. Leave by 3pm Saturday or incur $25/hr fees. Scrape your crap off the walls, throw away your trash, and repaint your walls if need be.
  • Study Break on Tuesday and Movie Nite Thursday, as per uze. House BBQ Sunday at "probably like four in the afternoon, maybe, or five?" according to Laura. Gardening and good times to be had by all.
  • Study Breaks galore during finals week, either Chez Schwabley or from Josh. Delish.
  • 24 Quiet Hours start Thursday, so shut up and get studying.
  • Anees (in his last Vincent RH meeting evar): I have finally given up on Clark St. Better luck next year?
  • Anees is also having dinner with Nick The New RH and you can pass along any salient information you may have for him.
  • Vote for DVD player with pushable buttons: A resounding yes! 69 or so dollars will be withdrawn from house savings to buy it.
  • Dr. Osadjin will be swinging by for lunch at 12ish. Stop by and talk nutrition, exercise, or even non-bio topics.
  • Felipe sez: report is forthcoming from the SCC survey.
  • Vinnie awards will be Tuesday during study break. Eli and Tyler are cooking up some crazy scheme.
  • THE ELECTION. Statements were made and we proceeded to the voting with bated breath...
    • President: Lexie "Short A" Tabachnick
    • Veep: Felipe Cocco "Puffs"
    • Treasurer: Mickey "Moneybags" Stevens
    • Secretary: Blair "Terrorist but not a man" Thornburgh
    • IM Rep: Tara "Black Belt" Holder

WotW: "yoʊ" It had to be ewe...
Vinnie: Khyle and Jessen for their stupendous performances, Elaine for Relaying for Life (and lots o' fun)
Weenie: Abe for pitying a faux teen pregnancy

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